Thursday, June 01, 2006

UK whites will be minority by 2100,6903,363750,00.html

And even worse that Whites could be an minority in London by 2010, showing the increasing ghettoisation of Britain's cities, due to unlimited immigration supported by the BIG Three(Lab,Con and Lib Dems) and the EU, but also the lack of whites having more than 2 children, and many UK Whites emigrating to USA, Australia etc....

The consequences of this are that Britain could increasingly become a 3rd world country in 50 years, as the country would increasingly became more like the Middle East or Asia in some parts (e.g. Wembley or Slough).

UKIP needs to address this problem, but without "BNP"ing the issue. Or otherwise people will start seeing UKIP as like the BIG Three


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