Sunday, January 29, 2006

Short report on Lechlade London

I arrived at 11.55am, where I was greeted by Gerrard Batten MEP, and then I had a conservation with some UKIP members on the UK and EU Constitution.
Then at 12.10pm, Several Speakers including Batten and David Lamb, David Campbell-Bannerman and Linda Guest spoke on how to make UKIP stronger, then after that it was open discussion, where various people around the room had things to say on UKIP, including myself, which I said I was one of the few students who was an OPEN UKIP supporter and I told the audience, that I would try and open a UKIP Society at university, which alot of the People at the meeting liked and several people gave me their contact details.
Afterwards I talked to Delroy Young, One of the candidates for UKIP NEC and several other members before leaving around 3pm.


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