Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Telegraph editor backs UKIP

Simon Heffer, who is the Associate Editor of the Daily Telegraph, has in the past few days shown his support for Nigel Farage in the Bromley by-election on the 29th June.
This is a welcome move seen by most UKIP members/supporters, as many people who read the Telegraph(sometimes nicknamed the TORYgraph) are UKIP supporters or at least eurospectics. Although the Telegraph mostly supports the Conservative Party, the introduction of Cameron's "Nu-Tory" europhile image, has influenced some of the editors such as Heffer to support UKIP, due to UKIP's view on EU withdrawal and right wing views.

Who knows, If UKIP win the Bromley by-election on Thursday, then more people will see UKIP as a party worth supporting/joining and will ditch the Tories.


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