Friday, June 30, 2006

UKIP pushes Labour to 4th in Bromley

Bob Neill, Conservative: 11,621
(- 11,962 from 2005)
Ben Abbotts, Liberal Democrat: 10,988
(+ 1,620)
Nigel Farage, UKIP: 2,347
(+ 872)

Rachel Reeves, Labour: 1,925
(- 8,316)
Ann Garrett, Green: 811
(- 659)
Paul Winnett, National Front: 476
John Hemming-Clarke, Independent: 442
Steven Uncles, English Democrats: 212
John Cartwright, Monster Raving Looney Party: 132
Nick Hadziannis, Independent: 65
Anne Belsey, Money Reform Party: 33
Turnout: 40.5% (64.9%)

UKIP got third palce in the Bromley by-election, which is good, but however I felt that UKIP could have got a higher percentage of the vote like more than 15%, than the 8.1% they got in the by-election, though it is a 4.9% increase from the general election in 2005, where they got 3.2% in Bromley.
The Tories majority was sunk from 13,342 in 2005 to 633 in the by-election.
It seems that the Conservatives are losing support in their strongholds to the Liberal Democrats mostly, possibly due to the Cameronites having a big influence in the Conservative Party. Bob Neill, who was the candidate for Bromley was a europhile, was the former late Eric Forth was a "c"onservative eurosceptic.
This shows that putting Nu-Tories like Neill does not help the Tories in their traditional strongholds.


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