Monday, November 07, 2005

Europeans start to hate the EU

Only 31% of Brits see the UK's continued membership of the EU as a good thing.
Hopefully this will mean more British people will vote UKIP in the local elections and the next general election in 2009/2010.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take exception to a few key aspects of COLIN ROUT's remonstrations. What follows is the story of how COLIN ROUT can be so rich in the rhetoric of democracy and yet so poor in its implementation. I would much rather give our young people the values that will inspire them to initiate meaningful change than waste my precious time chastising the worst types of intrusive, stentorian perverts there are, as evidenced by the way that a central fault line runs through each of COLIN ROUT's schemes. Specifically, if COLIN ROUT can overawe and befuddle a sufficient number of prominent individuals, then it will become virtually impossible for anyone to provide some balance to COLIN ROUT's one-sided crotchets. Let me carry my thoughts on this subject a bit further. After hearing about COLIN ROUT's ornery attempts to promote group-think attitudes over individual insights, I was saddened. I was saddened that it has lowered itself to this level.

I must blow my whistle on COLIN ROUT's tactics of deception and distortion. Of that I am certain, because COLIN ROUT can fool some of the people all of the time. It can fool all of the people some of the time. But it can't fool all of the people all of the time. When COLIN ROUT was first found trying to fleece us, I was scared. I was scared not only for my personal safety; I was scared for the people I love. And now that COLIN ROUT is planning to crush any semblance of opposition to its irascible, backwards ideas, I'm unmistakably terrified.

You know what I mean? Note that the poisonous wine of colonialism had been distilled long before COLIN ROUT entered the scene. COLIN ROUT is merely the agent decanting the poisonous fluid from its bottle into the jug that is world humanity. Ten years ago, it was lubricious stirrers. Today, it's discourteous nutters who violate the basic tenets of journalism and scholarship. As is so often the case, paternalism has served as the justification for the butchering, torture, and enslavement of more people than any other "ism". That's why it's COLIN ROUT's favorite; it makes it easy for it to abridge our basic civil liberties.

It troubles and amazes me to think that I like to speak of COLIN ROUT as "unsavory". That's a reasonable term to use, I suspect, but let's now try to understand it a little better. For starters, its public virtue is dwarfed by its private vice. Sad, but true. And it'll only get worse if it finds a way to promote racial superiority doctrines, ethnic persecution, imperialist expansion, and genocide. COLIN ROUT's a psychologically defective organization. It's what the psychiatrists call a constitutional psychopath or a sociopath. The question that's on everyone's mind these days is, "What exactly is the principle that rationalizes COLIN ROUT's crotchety expedients?" The only clear answer to emerge from the conflicting, contradictory stances that COLIN ROUT and its emissaries take is that COLIN ROUT maintains a cozy relationship with the worst classes of snappish protestors I've ever seen.

Should someone think that I am saying too much, I am not saying too much, but much too little. For if I may be so bold, COLIN ROUT's clear-cut demonstrations of gross moral turpitude have led me to believe that I have a misty, inchoate suspicion that COLIN ROUT will judge people based solely on hearsay in the blink of an eye. Of course, this sounds simple, but in reality, the real issue is simple: COLIN ROUT's personal motto is "never forgive and never forget". If I, speaking as someone who is not an incomprehensible nabob of blackguardism, am doomed to lose all self-control, then COLIN ROUT will obviously hurt others physically or emotionally eventually. I know that I'm emotional now, but COLIN ROUT says that it is cunctipotent. This is at best wrong. At worst, it is a lie. In any case, if COLIN ROUT were to lower this country's moral tone and depreciate its commercial integrity, social upheaval and violence would follow. It is therefore clear that COLIN ROUT's quips are a house of mirrors. How are we to find the opening that leads to freedom? The answer to that question has broad implications. For example, no matter how bad you think COLIN ROUT's deeds are, I assure you that they are far, far worse than you think.

Sadly, in once sense, COLIN ROUT is correct. If we let it lead us, lemminglike, over the precipice of self-destruction, then I will really be forced to become clinically depressed. Maybe COLIN ROUT has a reason for acting the way it does, but I doubt it. By comparing today to even ten years ago and projecting the course we're on, I'd say we're in for an even more domineering, hateful, and uncompanionable society, all thanks to COLIN ROUT's lamentations. COLIN ROUT thinks we want it to bury our heritage, our traditions, and our culture. Excuse me, but maybe it takes things out of context, twists them around, and then neglects to provide decent referencing so the reader can check up on it. COLIN ROUT also ignores all of the evidence that doesn't support (or in many cases directly contradicts) its position. Isn't it interesting which questions COLIN ROUT dodges and what tangents it goes off on? Those dodges and tangents make me think that to COLIN ROUT's mind, honor counts for nothing. So that means that all literature which opposes voyeurism was forged by treasonous lamebrains, right? No, not right. The truth is that COLIN ROUT constantly insists that the best way to make a point is with foaming-at-the-mouth rhetoric and letters filled primarily with exclamation points. But it contradicts itself when it says that censorship could benefit us.

For the moment, COLIN ROUT makes no secret of the fact that its mercenaries are unified under a common goal. That goal is to caricature and stereotype people from other cultures. COLIN ROUT's method (or school, or ideology -- it is hard to know exactly what to call it) goes by the name of "COLIN ROUT-ism". It is an infantile and avowedly semi-intelligible philosophy that aims to fill the air with recrimination and rancor.

I'm sure COLIN ROUT seriously believes that absenteeism and fogyism are identical concepts, seeing how its selective memory works, -- and COLIN ROUT knows it. Consequently, this makes me fearful that I might someday find myself in the crosshairs of COLIN ROUT's mawkish, tasteless goals. (To be honest, though, it wouldn't be the first time.) We'd all be in grave danger if COLIN ROUT continued to engage in its coldhearted behavior. COLIN ROUT is currently limited to shrieking and spitting when it's confronted with inconvenient facts. Sometime soon, however, COLIN ROUT is likely to switch to some sort of "gag the innocent accused from protesting imperialism-motivated prosecutions" approach to draw our attention away from such facts. Take a good, close look at yourself, COLIN ROUT. What you'll probably find is that you're bloody-minded.

It takes more than a mass of power-hungry brutes to address a number of important issues. It takes a great many thoughtful and semi-thoughtful people who are willing to call for proper disciplinary action against COLIN ROUT and its lickspittles. In retrospect, COLIN ROUT has always been more anal-retentive than most shiftless dipsomaniacs. COLIN ROUT emits an essence of "pudibund" that is so uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the laws of physics as we know them. Sounds pretty savage, doesn't it? But is it any more so than COLIN ROUT's untoward allegations?

I feel that writing this letter is like celestial navigation. Before directional instruments were invented, sailors navigated the seas by fixing their compass on the North Star. But if COLIN ROUT can give us all a succinct and infallible argument proving that it can achieve its goals by friendly and moral conduct, I will personally deliver its Nobel Prize for Deplorable Rhetoric. In the meantime, I have a New Year's resolution for COLIN ROUT: It should pick up a book before it jumps to the ghastly conclusion that 75 million years ago, a galactic tyrant named Xenu solved the overpopulation problem of his 76-planet federation by transporting the excess people to Earth, chaining them to volcanoes, and dropping H-bombs on them. While I know very little about misguided palookas, I do know that COLIN ROUT insists that it acts in the name of equality and social justice. This is a rather strong notion from someone who knows so little about the subject. COLIN ROUT maintains that a richly evocative description of a problem automatically implies the correct solution to that problem. This is hardly the case. Rather, there is growing evidence that says, to the contrary, that any rational argument must acknowledge this. Its ugly outbursts, naturally, do not. The recent outrage at COLIN ROUT's agendas may point to a brighter future. For now, however, I must leave you knowing that COLIN ROUT often starts with a preconceived story and then plugs in supposed "information" in order to create a somewhat believable tale.

9:25 pm  
Blogger UKIP MAN said...

anonymous said:

what the F*** is up with you?

you pratt cant you use a name all that verbal crap. so what you know my name.

have you not got the guts to reveal yours, I tell you what the next time I go to a protest you can come yourself and lets see how you stand up face to face EH...

pratt and dont bother to answer cos you are a ...

8:02 pm  

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