Saturday, November 19, 2005

PC idiots ruin Christmas in Havant, Hampshire

Havant Borough Council has removed the word ‘Christmas’ from its 2005/6 Christmas and New lights. The lights – to be turned on in early December, 2005 – have been re-named “The Festival of Lights”. The local authority claims ‘Christmas’ will offend those of non-Christian religions.

The only elected member of Havant Borough to vote against the proposal to drop the Christmas theme from the £5, 000 lights was David Gillett (the council leader) who said he intended to work very hard to stop the same thing happening next year (2006).

Followers of non-Christian faiths – including local Hindu worshippers condemned Havant Borough Council’s decision. A member of the Hindu Council UK said that Christmas should not be removed as a theme for the lights. She also said that Havant Borough Council’s new name for the Christmas lights (‘The Festival of Lights’ was actually also the name of a Hindu festival (the feats of Diwali) which is celebrated on 1st November each year.

A few days before the council decided to ignore Christmas, the Meridian Shopping Centre in Havant shut down its Santa’s Grotto (organised by Havant Lions Charity), claiming it was a fire hazard. The Grotto has raised thousands of Pounds over the last 10 Christmases and its closure has upset many local people.

Source: Daily Express, Page 7 - 16.11.2005.

My view:
Ironic, Havant is 99% White, While Kilburn(where Im from) in london is something like 50-60% White (not sure), yet they dont make PC changes in Kilburn.


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