Friday, July 07, 2006

A year after 7/7, has the British Government learnt anything?

Today, is the first anniversary of the London Bombings in which 4 British born Islamists blew themselves up killing 52 people in the Underground and Buses.

But has the British Government done anything since then? It seems that the Labour Government wants to "Have their cake and eat it" meaning, that while they seem to want to combat Islamist extremism, but they dont want to villianise the whole Muslim community.
But this makes the Islamist radicals in the UK, think that they can promote their hatred for the UK and its values, e.g the London protests against the Danish Muhammad cartoons, where muslim extremists had placards saying "Europe will get their 9/11" and yet the police had just let them protest their anti-british hatred on the streets of London.
It seems that Labour are putting the rights of Islamist extremists before the rights of British people.
If this keeps carrying on, Britain may suffer another Islamist attack and many more innocent people will die, because of Labour's PC policies on Islamic Terrorists.


Blogger Serf said...

Also with each spouting of hatred from so called Muslim Leaders, the general public become less enamoured with the third column in their midst.

Labour like to pretend that it is bbeing sensitive to muslim sensibilities, and yet it is basically stirring up trouble for the future.

10:25 am  

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