Friday, December 08, 2006

43% of Tories see UKIP as party closest to their views,,-6256008,00.html

43% of Conservative Party members see UKIP as the party (other than Tory)which is closest to their political views. It was 8 months ago that David Cameron slammed UKIP for being "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists". Cameron did this in order to make UKIP look bad, but however the opposite effect is happening as many Tories are defecting to UKIP because of Cameron's changes to the Conservative Party e.g. making it more pro-EU, making it more pro-multiculturalist.

At this rate, it will look like the Tories will not win the 2009/2010 General Election.
Im sure Cameron will probably change the name of the party soon to fit with his views.


Blogger Serf said...

Slight dispute with your headline.

"43% of Tories see UKIP as THE OTHER party closest to their views"

There is a difference

3:33 pm  
Anonymous Dr Insanity said...

More like 90% of all BNP voters see UKIP as the party closest to their views

9:47 am  

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