Friday, September 29, 2006

First Paris, Now Brussels is set alight by ethnic rioting

It is kind of disturbing on how when someone of an ethnic background dies under either police custody or being chased by the police like which started off the 3 week Paris riot in France in 2005, the ethnic youth have to riot all over just to act "ghetto" and "make Paris/Brussels black/Arab".

The riots in Brussels started when a 25 year old of North African origin died under police custody, though no signs of violence was shown on the person. Nevertheless up to 100 youths all of North African origin rioted in Central Brussels smashing shop windows, throwing rocks at the police and pedestrians. 30 people were arrested.

So what is the problem? The government? The ethnics themselves?
My answer is both:
The Belgian government doesnt seem to show a hardline on immigration or crime commited by ethnics. The far-right party Vlamms Belang is steadily getting more support in Belgium especially in the Flemish Flanders region and could gain big in October's local elections.
The ethnics in Belgium, but in Brussels especially dont seem to want to become Belgian citizens, they want to keep their Islamic values and try to pollute them into Belgian values. The area where the ethnics live is mostly deliect and run down and they dont seem to care, as the ethnic youths tend to make the areas "ghettos" or "no-go areas to other especially Whites"

If this continues then there could be ethnic rioting in Britain similar to the Bradford riots in 2001


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