Friday, September 01, 2006

Crime cover up at Notting Hill Carnival

Each year during the August Bank Holiday, for 2 days the Notting Hill Carnival takes place around the Notting Hill area to celebrate only not Afro-Caribbean culture, but the "joys" of Multiculturalism in London.

It seems that despite the image that the Government and the leftie Mayor Red Ken try to provide that the Carnival is a celebration of multi-culturalism. When the sad truth is that crime is often quite common especially during the evening, when they says gangs of youths mostly black target party goers and mug them in groups of 40-50 at a time.

There were 2 murders this year ,Abdul Bhatti and Greg Watson both victims of the gangs that roam the area during the carnival.
It seems that these murders were quietly played down, in order not to make it look like that the Notting Hill Carnival is a place full of crime.

Overall, the Notting Hill Carnival is just another place of multiculturalist propaganda by the Labour government. I doubt they would support a Cockney Festival in London.


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