Thursday, August 10, 2006

UKIP MEP John Whittaker Calls for halt to mass immigration.

John Whittaker who is the UKIP MEP for North West England, warned of the dangers of the continuation of mass immigration for Britain especially from the Eastern European EU members such as Poland.
Earlier this week, there were reports of taxes having to increase in order to support the recent immigrants and also schools,hospitals and housing is increasing becoming under severe pressure.
Many UKIP loyalists fear that these remarks will mean UKIP will be seen as Xenophoobic by the left and mainstream parties. However it is Because of the fear of accusations on racism from the left, that the immigration problem in Britain is not being tackled. It is basically like if anyone criticises immigration, they will be labeled as a racist.

UKIP must keep their stance on immigration and not be scared of the BIG THREE, who though publicly ignore UKIP, they secretly are fearful of UKIP due to the increasing dissatisification of the Lab-Con-LibDem trio (BIG THREE)


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