Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The problem with the left/Islam relationship

The groups on the left such as RESPECT and SWP(Socialist Workers Party) seem to have in recent times been supporting the Muslim community in discrimnation after 7/7 and are against the Iraq War.
While this may seem like just typical leftist policies.Both the SWP and RESPECT have in recent times been under influence from Islamists, as many of the people who are members of RESPECT are Muslims with Islamist views (anti-gay,anti-women, pro-sharia).This is the opposite of the traditional left view on tolerance for women and gays. It seems that the Islamists are exploiting the Anti-war movement groups such as SWP and RESPECT for their own purposes.

I ask is this what the "NEW LEFT" is going to be like, supporting an Islamist state in Britain where Sharia law would dominate?
It is the fault of the Left for being too tolerant, that these extremists can exploit them so that the left has to agree with them or otherwise they will be blasted as Islamophobes.


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