Sunday, July 23, 2006

Labour + Tories = Sleaze Duo

The Tories under Major between 1990-1997 were accused of being sleazy e.g. scandals involving Tory MPs having affairs and using money for unauthorised activites.
Blair and Labour in 1997 claimed that they would be sleaze free and claimed they would be whiter than white.
But this year, The Cash for Peerages scandal in which people who loaned or donated money to the Labour Party were given iseatsn the House of Lords and given peerages.

The Tories' sleaze didnt really affect the public(affairs and using money for foreign trips). as much as Labour's sleaze which is all about the perversion of democratic government; matters of great importance to the public being cooked up behind closed doors.

Lets hope Labour lose in the 2009 elections.


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