Friday, July 14, 2006

Which to-be UKIP leader is best for UKIP Youth?

The leadership for UKIP leader is getting under way, with the results being announced on September 12th 2006, and the official acceptance being on October 7th 2006.

But out of the 4 would-be UKIP leaders, which one is the best for UKIP Youth and young supporters of UKIP?

In my view I would say Richard Suchorzewski (who is currently chairman of UKIP Wales), is the candidate that is likely to include the youth more in UKIP , as he is one of the younger members of UKIP, as most UKIP members/supporters tend to be 50 or over.
He seems to be the only candidate out of the 4 interested in getting the UKIP Youth Movement up and running.
So I urge all of those younger members of UKIP to vote Richard Suchorzewski for leader of UKIP in August/September


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