Monday, July 17, 2006

Richard Suchorzewski responds to my question on UKIP Youth

My original Message:
I am a 19(nearly 20) year old UKIP Supporter.
But One of the reason I am not a member yet, is because UKIP is mostly made of over 40s.
How are you going to attract more young people to the party, without having to "liberalise"?

Richard's response
One of my committments is to set up a UKIP Youth Movement very quickly upon being elected Party leader. I have at least 20 young people wishing to take part and I would welcome ideas from them and other UKIP members as to how we may appeal to the young. I agree, we should not necessarily liberalise and I am open to suggestions.

In the past we have done too little by way of promoting the Party to people under the age of 40 and often much is to do with the way the message is communicated rather than the message itself. I would be interested in receiving any ideas you may have.


Richard Suchorzewski
Chairman UKIP Wales
NEC Member

This seems like that he is committed to getting younger people into UKIP.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would any one especially a young person want to be in UKIP.
Bunch of racists.
Why you dont you ditch UKIP, go out, get plastered and have a good time instead of worrying about immigrants you sad bastard.

9:39 am  

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