Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Farage WINS

David Campbell Bannerman - 1,443

Nigel Farage - 3,329 - New Leader

David Noakes - 851

Richard Suchorzewski - 1,782

Spoiled votes - 169

Total number of votes - 7,405

I predicted Farage would win, hopefully UKIP can move forward as an decent centre right alternative to Cameron's Tories, especially in the EU issue.

Congrats to all the candidates, shame the mainstream media didnt take much notice of the election.


Anonymous Dr Seb the Dog! said...

Bugger - UKIPs membership has dropped from 29,000 to just 16,500 in 2 years! - keep going like this and you owuld have vanished in 2 years!!!

8:54 pm  

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