Friday, November 03, 2006

Labour at all time low of 29%

Latest polls show that the Labour Party is at a all-time low with just 29% of voters saying they would Vote Labour at the next general election, while 39% would vote Conservative and 22% would vote Liberal Democrat.

Could his be the end of the Blairite/Brownite Regime that has plagued our nation since 1997? I hope so, but will Cameron's government be any better, or will Cameron just resign if he loses the next general election, just like Hague, IDS and Howard did.


Blogger Modern Conservative said...

Eh? IDS didn't resign after losing an election he was pushed out before contesting one.

It's a long way until the next election but I would expect Cameron to coninue past it as the Conservative Party will be making significant gains and have forward momentum and perhaps be facing a Lib Dem/ Labour coalition post he election.

Hague had no forward momentum from the election and Howard knew that he was too old to credibly lead the Party into an election in 2009/10. Niether of these will apply to DC.

10:22 pm  

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