Friday, January 30, 2009

British workers strike in protest of foreign workers taking their jobs

When Gordon Brown made a speech on how he pledged that British jobs were for British workers back in June 2007, many within the British working class communities saw this with possible delight or possible suspicion.

Today revealed that 19 sites across the UK, British workers were protesting on how they are being sidelined for cheaper foreign labour from countries such as Poland, Portugal and Italy. Possibly due to the recession and credit crunch it is somewhat understandable that these companies may have to cut corners in areas to kept float in means whether redundancies or in this case replacing labour with cheaper labour.

This incident has a deeper hole than just labour and trade union issues, but with the general feeling that the working class especially the British white working class feeling abandoned by the Labour government. This general feeling causes many withing the working class to support and vote BNP and the tabloid press go on the crusade for speaking on half of the repressed working class.


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