Friday, January 09, 2009

The Sun paper sales drops below 3 million.

While most if not all of Britain's papers have seen decreased circulation in some form, due to the internet being a more efficient way to get the latest up to date news. The Sun strikes as the most affected in this drop, as quoted by the link above.
"The Sun posted the biggest month-on-month drop in circulation – down 4.81%, to 2,899,310 copies."

There are possible factors in why this has occured:
* More people are looking at The Sun website, in which with the internet is easier to provide with the latest news and updates.
* People are sick of the sensationalism and jingoism of The Sun in several areas such as Crime, the EU and terrorism.
* People generally tend to think of The Sun's journalism as medicore at best.

Despite the low price to buy The Sun (20-30p on weekdays), its not enough to combat the decrease in sales.


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