Thursday, February 22, 2007

Single Issue David Noakes resigns from UKIP

Noakes was one of the four candidates to become UKIP leader, after Roger Knapman stood down.
Noakes agenda was to have UKIP be completly focused on getting out of the EU, which UKIP has been stereotyped by the main 3 parties as being a single issue party.

Farage was elected instead, and since then UKIP has become more broaden with its policies, on domestic issues and yet still supporting the UK leaving the EU. This has given UKIP more members and more media coverage, and UKIP have been getting better results overall in local elections, placing 3rd or even in some cases 2nd or close to 2nd.

Many UKIP members and supporters will see Noakes as the old UKIP image of "just getting out of the EU" and not wanted in the UKIP party today.


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