Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another good by-election result for UKIP

Local by-election in Runnymede and Weybridge constituency – Englefield Ward – 23.11.06.

Turn out 16.18%

Conservative 664 45.9%

Lib Democrat 317 21.9%

UKIP 281 19.4%

Labour 150 10%

Monster R L 34 2.8%

UKIP candidate Toby Mickelthwaite

UKIP’s percentage last time 5.7%

UKIP got 3rd in this electon, only 37 votes to the Lib Dems who came 2nd.
Its seems that UKIP have been doing better in by-elections recently coming 3rd or even 2nd. Soon maybe UKIP will start WINNING council seats and running local councils.
This surge is because of several possibilites:
1) The increase in UKIP being in the media since Farage was elected leader
2) The increasing effect that the Conservative Party is starting to turn to the left.
3) UKIP starting to take local issues most seriously and not using the one issue approach on getting out of the EU.

If UKIP keeps this up then it will look good for the 2007 local elections.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The leftism of the Conservative Party continues

David Cameron has told members of the Conservative Party to stop seeing Winston Churchill as their idol and start listening to left-wing writers such as Polly Toynbee(writer for the pro-Labour Guardian).
The Conservatives are starting to adopt the left wing accord to poverty, thus abandoning their traditional stance which was using welfare as a safety net for the poorest of society.

Is this more proof that the Conservatives are becoming more associated with the left?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Labour at all time low of 29%

Latest polls show that the Labour Party is at a all-time low with just 29% of voters saying they would Vote Labour at the next general election, while 39% would vote Conservative and 22% would vote Liberal Democrat.

Could his be the end of the Blairite/Brownite Regime that has plagued our nation since 1997? I hope so, but will Cameron's government be any better, or will Cameron just resign if he loses the next general election, just like Hague, IDS and Howard did.
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