Monday, October 31, 2005

New part-time funding package not enough to cover high fees

My 2 cents:
Looks like the Government is attempting to get more people to get into university, especially part-time students, but the NEW LABOUR (Blair) Government's plans has a few bugs in it:
*Part-Time Course Fees remain uncapped, meaning that part-time student could still have to pay thousands of punds on these fees.

Youthkip (UKIP Youth) is committed to ending these expensive top-up fees, which by doing so will enable many students to start going to university without debt.

Youthkip Wristbands may be coming soon

Alex McKee, Co-Founder Of Youthkip is on the process of introduced UKIP/Youthkip wristbands to attract Youth Support

The wristbands will probably be either Youthkip or FUEU

Saturday, October 29, 2005

2 Weeks til Lechdale 4

On Friday 11th/Saturday 12th November, The 4th Lechdale Conference, which is a UKIP think-tank group will be held in Lechdale, near Gloucester

It is known that at least 40-60 people will be attending this meeting.

But it is members only.
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