Friday, June 30, 2006

UKIP pushes Labour to 4th in Bromley

Bob Neill, Conservative: 11,621
(- 11,962 from 2005)
Ben Abbotts, Liberal Democrat: 10,988
(+ 1,620)
Nigel Farage, UKIP: 2,347
(+ 872)

Rachel Reeves, Labour: 1,925
(- 8,316)
Ann Garrett, Green: 811
(- 659)
Paul Winnett, National Front: 476
John Hemming-Clarke, Independent: 442
Steven Uncles, English Democrats: 212
John Cartwright, Monster Raving Looney Party: 132
Nick Hadziannis, Independent: 65
Anne Belsey, Money Reform Party: 33
Turnout: 40.5% (64.9%)

UKIP got third palce in the Bromley by-election, which is good, but however I felt that UKIP could have got a higher percentage of the vote like more than 15%, than the 8.1% they got in the by-election, though it is a 4.9% increase from the general election in 2005, where they got 3.2% in Bromley.
The Tories majority was sunk from 13,342 in 2005 to 633 in the by-election.
It seems that the Conservatives are losing support in their strongholds to the Liberal Democrats mostly, possibly due to the Cameronites having a big influence in the Conservative Party. Bob Neill, who was the candidate for Bromley was a europhile, was the former late Eric Forth was a "c"onservative eurosceptic.
This shows that putting Nu-Tories like Neill does not help the Tories in their traditional strongholds.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Telegraph editor backs UKIP

Simon Heffer, who is the Associate Editor of the Daily Telegraph, has in the past few days shown his support for Nigel Farage in the Bromley by-election on the 29th June.
This is a welcome move seen by most UKIP members/supporters, as many people who read the Telegraph(sometimes nicknamed the TORYgraph) are UKIP supporters or at least eurospectics. Although the Telegraph mostly supports the Conservative Party, the introduction of Cameron's "Nu-Tory" europhile image, has influenced some of the editors such as Heffer to support UKIP, due to UKIP's view on EU withdrawal and right wing views.

Who knows, If UKIP win the Bromley by-election on Thursday, then more people will see UKIP as a party worth supporting/joining and will ditch the Tories.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 open for business

Another Pro-UKIP site is on the net, inspired by the ConservativeHome blog. If UKIP members/supporters can keep this up, then we can make people see that UKIP isnt just a 1 issue pressure group party.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

At last, the Government admits it's failed on Europe

OK, maybe the Labour Government has admitted, trying to impress the mostly Eurosceptic UK Population, that the EU is a good thing for britain was a failure.
But however the Labour Government still plan to support the proposed EU Constitution, despite it already been rejected by the French and Dutch last year.
The Conservatives under Cameron, have not gone on their promise to get the Conservatives MEPs out of the EPP group. On another note, Cameron only wants Europhile MPs in his shadow cabinet,which is showing that the Conservative Party is starting to become more europhile, and is isolating its traditional right wing anti-EU supporters and members.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

UKIP come 2nd in Suffolk

Conservative 1222 61.4%
UKIP 297 14.9%
Labour 219 11%
Lib Dem 118 5.9%
Independent 110 5.5%
Independent 22 1.1%

Total votes cast 1988, turnout 27%

Good result from UKIP putting Labour and the Lib Dems to 3rd and 4th respectively, hopefully UKIP and Nigel Farage will win the Bromley by-election on June 29, which would mean UKIP would have its 1st MP.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

UK whites will be minority by 2100,6903,363750,00.html

And even worse that Whites could be an minority in London by 2010, showing the increasing ghettoisation of Britain's cities, due to unlimited immigration supported by the BIG Three(Lab,Con and Lib Dems) and the EU, but also the lack of whites having more than 2 children, and many UK Whites emigrating to USA, Australia etc....

The consequences of this are that Britain could increasingly become a 3rd world country in 50 years, as the country would increasingly became more like the Middle East or Asia in some parts (e.g. Wembley or Slough).

UKIP needs to address this problem, but without "BNP"ing the issue. Or otherwise people will start seeing UKIP as like the BIG Three
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