Sunday, July 30, 2006 opens

This site was set up by Marh Ashton and Wayne Harling, who like myself feel that UKIP needs to pay more attention to its younger members, who feel abandoned and ignored compared to the mostly 40+ members in UKIP

Hopefully more young people will support and join UKIP,which will encourage UKIP to make more policies for the young people of Britain

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

UKIP Teenagers wanted for C4 Show

It seems that UKIP are finally recognising the support of the Youth.
Whilst this show on Channel 4 may seem good, Im sure C4 will have teenagers of other political views as well, so in theory it will be Political Big Brother.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Labour + Tories = Sleaze Duo

The Tories under Major between 1990-1997 were accused of being sleazy e.g. scandals involving Tory MPs having affairs and using money for unauthorised activites.
Blair and Labour in 1997 claimed that they would be sleaze free and claimed they would be whiter than white.
But this year, The Cash for Peerages scandal in which people who loaned or donated money to the Labour Party were given iseatsn the House of Lords and given peerages.

The Tories' sleaze didnt really affect the public(affairs and using money for foreign trips). as much as Labour's sleaze which is all about the perversion of democratic government; matters of great importance to the public being cooked up behind closed doors.

Lets hope Labour lose in the 2009 elections.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Richard Suchorzewski responds to my question on UKIP Youth

My original Message:
I am a 19(nearly 20) year old UKIP Supporter.
But One of the reason I am not a member yet, is because UKIP is mostly made of over 40s.
How are you going to attract more young people to the party, without having to "liberalise"?

Richard's response
One of my committments is to set up a UKIP Youth Movement very quickly upon being elected Party leader. I have at least 20 young people wishing to take part and I would welcome ideas from them and other UKIP members as to how we may appeal to the young. I agree, we should not necessarily liberalise and I am open to suggestions.

In the past we have done too little by way of promoting the Party to people under the age of 40 and often much is to do with the way the message is communicated rather than the message itself. I would be interested in receiving any ideas you may have.


Richard Suchorzewski
Chairman UKIP Wales
NEC Member

This seems like that he is committed to getting younger people into UKIP.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Which to-be UKIP leader is best for UKIP Youth?

The leadership for UKIP leader is getting under way, with the results being announced on September 12th 2006, and the official acceptance being on October 7th 2006.

But out of the 4 would-be UKIP leaders, which one is the best for UKIP Youth and young supporters of UKIP?

In my view I would say Richard Suchorzewski (who is currently chairman of UKIP Wales), is the candidate that is likely to include the youth more in UKIP , as he is one of the younger members of UKIP, as most UKIP members/supporters tend to be 50 or over.
He seems to be the only candidate out of the 4 interested in getting the UKIP Youth Movement up and running.
So I urge all of those younger members of UKIP to vote Richard Suchorzewski for leader of UKIP in August/September

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

UKIP Leadership Contest underway

The Candidates to be leader of UKIP are:

David Campbell Bannerman – Chairman of UKIP since January 2006. Former chairman of the Bow Group and Conservative parliamentary candidate. Experience in PR, advertising and marketing.

Nigel Farage MEP – A founder member of UKIP and MEP for the South Eastern Counties since 1999. Co-chairman of the Independence & Democracy Group in the European Parliament.

David Noakes – Stood for UKIP in Truro & St Austell in 2005. A computer consultant at major firms and corporations, he is married with 2 children.

Richard Suchorzewski – Current chairman of UKIP Wales. Stood for Vale for Glamorgan in the 2005 general election.

Hopefully the new leader will lead UKIP into being a proper political party and not just being an Anti-EU pressure group

Friday, July 07, 2006

A year after 7/7, has the British Government learnt anything?

Today, is the first anniversary of the London Bombings in which 4 British born Islamists blew themselves up killing 52 people in the Underground and Buses.

But has the British Government done anything since then? It seems that the Labour Government wants to "Have their cake and eat it" meaning, that while they seem to want to combat Islamist extremism, but they dont want to villianise the whole Muslim community.
But this makes the Islamist radicals in the UK, think that they can promote their hatred for the UK and its values, e.g the London protests against the Danish Muhammad cartoons, where muslim extremists had placards saying "Europe will get their 9/11" and yet the police had just let them protest their anti-british hatred on the streets of London.
It seems that Labour are putting the rights of Islamist extremists before the rights of British people.
If this keeps carrying on, Britain may suffer another Islamist attack and many more innocent people will die, because of Labour's PC policies on Islamic Terrorists.
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